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We are a global agency with a focus on software development, Linux operations and solutions for the web. Let us help you build your next product.


we've compiled a few examples of what we do



You have an awesome idea and you want to captivate your customers with an app? We are happy to develop something new with you!



We'd be glad to help with your Linux servers: whether you want us to manage your servers on-premises or in the cloud ... or perhaps just a one shot task?


IT Solutions

Perhaps you are planning a big project or you need components to integrate in a better way? We'd love to be part of the solution!


  • 2018-08

    Interface, just Interface

    To deliver content via an API and without a fuss, the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association wanted a OAI PMH Static Repository Gateway implementation and they got one. The app runs on PHP5, PHP7 as well as Debian 9 and Windows with XAMPP. It has a tidy web interface to show, add, remove and validate repositories. The code is open source and comes with a handy vagrant environment for future development.

    PHP Vagrant Slim Framework XAMPP

  • 2018-05

    DevOps for MWS

    Based in Bonn, Germany, the Max Weber Stiftung hired us to improve the deployment for their Quellenportal. The 5 cloud servers run a highly automated debian 9. They host the app, test and demo instances and of course monitoring and analytics platforms. We also configured the app to enable one-step deployments, so that their team can showcase new features quickly.

    Ansible Bash Check_MK Matomo Debian 9 Python Let's Encrypt

  • 2018-02

    ConedaKOR Browser Addon

    The DFK Paris funded the development of a browser addon for ConedaKOR that makes importing wikidata items a breeze. It also enables immediate media upload for imported items and it is available via and Need help with a ConedaKOR installation? Contact us!

    web extension api ConedaKOR JavaScript Firefox Chrome

  • 2017-11

    Publication Database

    Leibniz-IGB needed a revamp of their publication database for internal reporting. We used a lot of autocompletes and inline help to make the app an intuitive experience. Fork it on github!

    CodeIgniter CodeCeption PHP MariaDB LDAP

  • 2017-09


    Based on data within a legacy database system, we developed a search tool for the OwnReality project at the DFK Paris. Our widgets allow searching and filtering the project's data, visualize TEI encoded publications and they integrate seamlessly with the underlying website. Fork it on github or read a blog post about the project!

    Ruby on Rails riotjs elasticsearch nodejs drupal

How we work

Customer satisfaction

Nothing makes us more proud than being able to help you achieve your goals better. Sometimes, there is only a tiny piece missing.


We believe good communication is what makes most projects fly. This is why we make it a point to keep it professional when its crunch-time.

Keep it simple

We prefer simple solutions that use available tools, reduce costs and need no extra training.

People over tools

Even the best tool is pointless if nobody is using it. Therefore, tools have to be tailored to their users, not the other way around.

Domain knowledge

The more we understand your domain of work, the better the tools we can build for you. Expect us to be inquisitive!

Short feedback loops

You are the expert in your domain, so we show you our progress often to keep our work in line with your goals.

Automated testing

When you ask us to implement a business rule, we implement an automated test. This way, we can ensure that its working ... now and tomorrow.

Long-term perspective

With every time we work together, we have a better understanding of your domain.

Public sector?

Are you in the public sector? That's great, we are looking forward to hearing from you! We offer free consulting and discounts!

We prefer green

We realize that information systems require power to run. But we dedicate ourselves to use green power whenever possible.

Open source

We publish all our code under an open source license if this doesn't conflict with your goals.


Our team is from all over the world and we know how to deliver quality software from miles away.

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