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We are a global agency with a focus on software development, Linux operations and solutions for the web. Let us help you build your next product.


these are the pillars of our work



You have an awesome idea and you want to captivate your customers with an app? We are happy to develop something new with you!



We'd be glad to help with your Linux servers: whether you want us to manage your servers on-premises or in the cloud ... or perhaps just a one shot task?


IT Solutions

Perhaps you are planning a big project or you need components to integrate in a better way? We'd love to be part of the solution!


Writing software is our main business. We are proud about our products and we are intrigued with new problems to solve. We compiled a small list of examples from the past and from the future:


Often, the tools are already there and they are doing their job. Now, it would be great if they could also talk to each other: For example, it'd be extremely cool if your CMS could directly talk to your recruiting platform, no? That would allow you to define processes across tools!

This is also the first step we always take: We have a close look on what your current situation is. Perhaps little change is required!


Is there a key functionality missing from a tool you love? Let's see if we can add a module / extention / theme / skin / plug-in.

Should your product require expertise beyond our own (e.g. design or wording), we might have to contract third parties. Of course we will only do this with your consent and we will always be responsible for what they deliver to you.


There is no tool that does what you want? You will launch a Start-Up and your product includes an App? Let us develop an information system together that will blow their mind!


Linux is a sweet platform with many applications, specifically on a server. In times of micro-services, development and operations grow closer and allow for great end user experience.


If you are operating Linux servers in-house and you would like to free yourself of the duty to upgrade, monitor and make sure that they are humming in concert: Let us know! All tools we are using can either be deployed at your site or in the cloud.

This is also the first step we always take: We have a close look on what your current situation is. Perhaps little change is required!


On some T-Shirts you can read: There is no cloud, its just somebody else's computer For your projects, that computer can belong to us, Hetzner or Amazon: We are happy to run your apps wherever you like, just let us know.


We are convinced that it is always a good idea to automate processes. In most of the cases, this implicitly generates documentation and of course it leaves more time for you to focus on your business.

Consulting & IT Solutions

Here are a few ideas on how we could collaborate.

Install & Play

Sometimes, you find a tool that promises to solve all of your problems. Since that is rarely fully true, you've learned to try such tools in a live demo before deploying it.

If there is no demo available from the vendor or maintainer, we can easily set up an instance of e.g. ConedaKOR, Redmine, Wordpress, ownCloud ... just to name a few well-known candidates. As long as it runs on a web server, we can probably deploy it for you.

Of course, if you want to keep using it, we can operate it in production ... again: on whichever server you prefer.

Digital Humanities

You are a scientist and you need visibility / accessibility / usability for your data? Come talk to us, there is probably a way to build the next eye-catcher!

You first need to gather your data? No problem, we would be proud to make this job easier for you with a smart tool chain. Did we mention the prototype XML editor for digital edition projects?

You feel that your endeavor might profit from the community but it is difficult to locate or pinpoint? We'd be happy to get you on track with some peers. Contact us, the first chat is always free!


One of your projects has gone the wrong way and you'd like to reanimate it? This actually happens more often than you might think: Lacking communication or too much emphasis on contract details can easily make a project stagnate. We would be happy to take over.

To protect you from a similar situation in the future, we prefer working with open source components and we meticulously create documentation so that anybody can take over our work at any time: There will not be any lock-in.

Acceptance, Compliance and Approval

Let's say your project is close to completion. Perhaps another set of eyes can help to ensure that the product is in alignment with your goals. We can help you with the final check.

Joint Networks

If your organization has multiple branches in various locations, you might want to consolidate their IT infrastructure at some point. Depending on your starting conditions, it might be possible to connect all your sites with a very reliable and fast mesh VPN. Your single team members' physical location could then be chosen without IT considerations!


If you like, we teach you everything we know. Whether your staff should be trained on the Linux platform or you are planning to become a more proficient developer. We are happy to help.


  • 2021-11


    We took over the development of the Themenportal Friedensrepräsentationen for the Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte, building a light-weight solution enabling effortless maintenance and operations. Using WebWorkers, we were able to move all functionality to the browser: There is no backend application but the fully responsive page still privides a full text search feature covering thousands of records, also on mobile.

    jekyll react es6 lunr

  • 2021-10

    TEI XML with JavaScript?

    The Philipps-Universität Marburg wanted us to do additional work on the ARCHITRAVE project: We started by fixing small bugs and adding a feature here and there. Over the course of a year, we ended up implementing a complete TEI-XML transformation & rendering engine in JavaScript. We also integrated a suitable map component to visualize the authors' travel trajectories.

    JavaScript leflet scss

  • 2020-11

    Reaching for Atlantis

    Bernhard Schirg needed solutions for visual storytelling in the field of Public History. One is a database for the stories behind objects, the other one a platform for long-reads about the stories behind landscapes. We built two static pages, which ... aren't that static after all.

    The fully responsive platforms are based on jekyll and come packed with a powerful frontend search (including a full text index) and dynamic display for blog categories, news and events. The carefully designed and animated UI widgets guide the user through the fantastic material.

    The team manages research data conveniently within a spreadsheet that generates user-friendly visualisations. The apps are currently hosted on one of our linux servers in Europe. The content will go online spring 2021.

    jekyll react es6 lunr

  • 2020-08


    Sometimes, we don't develop new things. For the Lyons Lab at UCSD San Diego, we took care of procurement, assembly and configuration of a Synology storage array. The solution provides users with 45TB of net storage for microscopy images, secured with btrfs on raid6. With automatic compression set up, this should provide enough room for some time to come!

    linux btrfs synology

  • 2020-06


    In an effort to investigate the Holzhausen and Senckenberg family's legacy a team at the Kunstgeschichtliche Institut Frankfurt am Main cataloged a massive contemporary portrait collection with close to 5000 images. We helped with our servers, operations, support for the database software. ConedaKOR and data import/export.

    Ruby ConedaKOR ansible

  • 2019-11

    Agile da Vinci

    The prometheus – Das verteilte digitale Bildarchiv für Forschung & Lehre delivers thousands of art history images to their users per day. We started by raising the test coverage for their platform from 30% to over 90% while upgrading the platform from rails 2.0.2 to rails 5.1 and from ruby 1.8 to ruby 2.5. As always, we streamlined the deployment process by transitioning towards the twelve factor app. Development is now fluid from feature idea or bug report to code in production and user experience. Since March 2018, we keep providing consulting, software development and operations activities to the project.

    Ruby on Rails MySQL elasticsearch CentOS capybara

  • 2019-10

    Give a man a fish ...

    We gave an online training with basics in Ruby programming, ActiveRecord mapping and an introduction to the ConedaKOR source code. Beyond showing language and framework features, we also integrated a hands-on workshop using a typical toolchain. The team of the project Interdisciplinary Dictionary of Classic Mayan now writes scripts to automate migrations, modifications and validations.

    Ruby Ruby on Rails vagrant pry ConedaKOR

  • 2019-08

    ... really, just interface

    The Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel has tons of data and they want to share it! This time, their massive manuscript database was to receive an API. To integrate well with the existing platform, we implemented an eXist-db module to deliver metadata according to the OAI-PMH standard.

    eXist-db TEI-XML OAI-PMH

  • 2019-04


    The international research project ARCHITRAVE - Art and Architecture in Paris and Versailles in Accounts by Baroque-Era German Travellers needed a design implementation for its web presence. The bi-national French-German project aims at scrutinizing the content of six substantial German travel accounts dating from 1685 to 1723, the earliest hitherto known. Based on an excellent model by ulli neutzling designbuero, we built fully reusable design components with twitter bootstrap and with a lot of attention to detail.

    HTML CSS twitter bootstrap SASS nodejs

  • 2019-02

    Extended Video processing for KOR

    By changing the way videos are handled by ConedaKOR, the software can now convert and render them in all major browsers and devices. Thank you ETH Zürich!

    ruby ffmpeg HTML

  • 2019-01

    Don't we have that already?

    To find duplicates within a database with over 150k images, we developed a convenient command line tool based on perceptual hashing and BK-trees for the DFK Paris. Image versions with different color space, format, dimensions, hue, saturation or contrast are well detected as duplicates. Fine tune it with a configurable distance threshold. Go give it a try: its fast and its open source!

    python numpy JSON HTML command line

  • 2018-08

    Interface, just Interface

    To deliver content via an API and without a fuss, the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association wanted a OAI PMH Static Repository Gateway implementation and they got one. The app runs on PHP5, PHP7 as well as Debian 9 and Windows with XAMPP. It has a tidy web interface to show, add, remove and validate repositories. The code is open source and comes with a handy vagrant environment for future development.

    PHP Vagrant Slim Framework XAMPP

  • 2018-05

    DevOps for MWS

    Based in Bonn, Germany, the Max Weber Stiftung hired us to improve the deployment for their Quellenportal. The 5 cloud servers run a highly automated debian 9. They host the app, test and demo instances and of course monitoring and analytics platforms. We also configured the app to enable one-step deployments, so that their team can showcase new features quickly.

    Ansible Bash Check_MK Matomo Debian 9 Python Let's Encrypt

  • 2018-02

    ConedaKOR Browser Addon

    The DFK Paris funded the development of a browser addon for ConedaKOR that makes importing wikidata items a breeze. It also enables immediate media upload for imported items and it is available via and Need help with a ConedaKOR installation? Contact us!

    web extension api ConedaKOR JavaScript Firefox Chrome

  • 2017-11

    Publication Database

    Leibniz-IGB needed a revamp of their publication database for internal reporting. We used a lot of autocompletes and inline help to make the app an intuitive experience. Fork it on github!

    CodeIgniter CodeCeption PHP MariaDB LDAP

  • 2017-09


    Based on data within a legacy database system, we developed a search tool for the OwnReality project at the DFK Paris. Our widgets allow searching and filtering the project's data, visualize TEI encoded publications and they integrate seamlessly with the underlying website. Fork it on github or read a blog post about the project!

    Ruby on Rails riotjs elasticsearch nodejs drupal

How we work

Customer satisfaction

Nothing makes us more proud than being able to help you achieve your goals better. Sometimes, there is only a tiny piece missing.


We believe good communication is what makes most projects fly. This is why we make it a point to keep it professional when its crunch-time.

Keep it simple

We prefer simple solutions that use available tools, reduce costs and need no extra training.

People over tools

Even the best tool is pointless if nobody is using it. Therefore, tools have to be tailored to their users, not the other way around.

Domain knowledge

The more we understand your domain of work, the better the tools we can build for you. Expect us to be inquisitive!

Short feedback loops

You are the expert in your domain, so we show you our progress often to keep our work in line with your goals.

Automated testing

When you ask us to implement a business rule, we implement an automated test. This way, we can ensure that its working ... now and tomorrow.

Long-term perspective

With every time we work together, we have a better understanding of your domain.

Public sector?

Are you in the public sector? That's great, we are looking forward to hearing from you! We offer free consulting and discounts!

We prefer green

We realize that information systems require power to run. But we dedicate ourselves to use green power whenever possible.

Open source

We publish all our code under an open source license if this doesn't conflict with your goals.


When we build, find or hear about something we think you might find useful, we add it in this section. You might find blog posts, links, tutorials etc.


Our team is from all over the world and we know how to deliver quality software from miles away.

Get in touch!

We speak English, German and French.


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